Tax Preparation Checklist

Things We Need From You

Please bring the following information with you at the time of your appointment:

1.  Names, Birthdates, and Social Security numbers for taxpayer, spouse, and dependents.
2.  The name, address, and employee identification number (social security number if no EIN) of child care provider
3.  W2’s for each employer you worked for.
4.  1099R forms for all retirement/pension distributions
5.  1098 forms indicating mortgage interest paid
6.  1099 Misc forms for other income
7.  1099 INT forms for all interest received
8.  Statement of any unemployment received
9.Statement of sale of Stocks/Bonds
10.Statement for all qualified education tuition
11.Total of medical, dental, and long term care premiums paid
12.Total of all out of pocket medical, dental, and long term care expense including prescriptions
13.Amount of purchase for energy saving products.
14.Sales tax paid on any vehicle, boat, or large ticket item
15.Taxes paid on all real property
16.Any other information which appears to be relevant to the preparation of your tax return
17.Copy of your previous year’s tax return (if not prepared by our office)

Should you have an item you are not sure about, bring it with you and we will determine whether the item is a tax deduction for you.